dinsdag 2 juni 2009

Cartman quotes <3

Op mijn hyves had ik al een keer een kleine blog geplaatst met Cartman quotes. Dus ik besloot op dit blog ook maar een post te doen, met veel meer quotes. Enjoy ;D

> Handle it? For two billion dollars I could handle my Grandpa's balls dude.

> I would never let a woman kick my ass. If she tried something, I'd be like,
HEY! You get your bitch ass back in the kitchen and make me some pie!

> Hippies.They're everywhere. They wanna save the earth, but all they do is
smoke pot and smell bad.

> Kyle: Wow! That's a lot of seamen, Cartman.
Cartman: Yeah, I bought all that I could at this bank,
and then I got the rest from this guy Ralph in an alley.
Stan: That's cool.
Cartman: Yeah, and the sweet thing is, the stupid asshole didn't even charge me
money for it. He just made me close my eyes and suck on a hose.

> You know the feeling when the huge dump you just took shoots back up your ass?

> Mr. Jefferson is the best thing that has happen to south park in a long time
in if you screw this up, My GOD help me i will rip your balls with my bear hands ,
you hear me my bear hands.

> Think about it, it's the easiest music in the world right?
If we just sing about how much we love jesus, all the christians will buy our crap!

> Oh did you hear that Clyde? That sounded like diarrhea comming out of somebody's mouth.

> Drugs are bad because if you do drugs you're a hippie and hippies suck

> Cartman: (Crying, stumbles into the kitchen, holding onto a doorframe for support) Moommmmm...
Mom: Yes, poonchkins?
Cartman:(between sniffles) Last night.. when.. Butters.. came to spend the night..
I wanted to take a picture of him.. you know.. for his mom to have.. and I tripped,
and my mouth landed right on his penis - and at that moment.. i thought of something really
funny.. and kinda started to smile a little bit.. and kinda.. give a little thumbs up..
and thats when he took the pictureee.....

> Kyle: [to Cartman] Yeah, I hate you, but I'm not going to help kill you!
Cartman: I thought you were my friends! I guess I was wrong!
After all we've been through together, you guys won't even help me freeze myself.

> Butters: I don't play World of Warcraft.
Cartman: Butters, you said you were on your computer all the time.
Butters: Yeah, but I'm playing Hello Kitty Island Adventure.
Cartman: [pause] Butters, go buy World of Warcraft, install it on your computer and join the
online sensation before we all murder you.
Butters: Oh, well, all right, then.

> Yes! I've lost almost ten pounds now. You see what I mean??
I totally know how it felt to be a Jew in the Holocaust now!

> Hey you guys, you know what they call a Jewish woman's boobs? ...Joobs!

> Cartman: Give me your Jew gold now!
Kyle: God damn it, you know I don't carry gold in a little bag around my neck, Cartman.
What do you want from me?
Cartman: I want your Jew gold…

> [Walks up to a group of girls and flips each one off in turn] F**k you Millie!
F**k you Annie! F**k you Bebe! F**k you Whateveryournameis!, aaaand F**k you bitch!

> Butters: But Eric, how am I supposed to re-populate the Earth?
Cartman: You know like, with your weiner.

> Kyle: You guys! I have awesome news!
Cartman: You have AIDS?

> [singing]
Don't ever leave me, Jesus. I couldn't stand to see you go
My heart would simply snap, my Lord, if you walked on out that door
I promise I'll be good to you, and keep you warm at night
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, why don't we just… shut off the lights

> Kyle: Ow! What the hell are you doing, Cartman?
Cartman: I'm killing you. Unfortunately I could only afford a wiffle bat so this may take a while.