zaterdag 23 mei 2009

Maybe maybe you are the chemical reaction

I got under the grip
Between the modern hell
I got rejection letter in the mail and
It was already ripped to shreds
Seasons in a ruin and
This bitter pill is chased with blood
There's fire in my veins
And it's pouring out like a flood

Woah, Christian's inferno

This diabolic state is gracing my existence
Like a catastrophic baby
Maybe maybe you are the chemical reaction
I am the atom bomb
I am the chosen one
Toxin your reservoir
And the return man to ape

Woah, Christian's inferno

Christian's Inferno - Green Day

[Waarschijnlijk wordt deze video toch verwijderd door die WMG terror op YouTube. Ik probeer hem dan zo snel mogelijk te vervangen.]

Liefde voor dit nummer <3 Het nieuwe album van Green Day is sowieso al awesome <3

En vandaag 3 maanden met mijn vriendje. I love you <3


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fmmp zei

woo tis inderdaad wel net American idiot.. maar dan iets catchy'er.